Treasury and Margin

Siman Systems creates a simple ‘near real time’ visualisation of margin cost and financing decisions.  We examine complex Prime Broker, Margin and Financing agreements to enable Treasurers to view the liquidity health of their organisation. 

Our algorithms allow the management of cash reserves, margin excesses, margin calls and upcoming and potential margin requirements utilising our ‘what if’ functionality.

Unexplained Cash Tracking

Our unexplained cash reports scrape data from statements and APIs to produce as close to a real time  picture of the cash position as possible.


Internalisation and netting set analytics

View Portfolio Manager interaction and understand the impact of netting and internalisation on margin and costs


Transaction Fee Calculators

Capture and model fees paid by the manager / fund to counterparties


Counterparty Returns Calculators

Our Counterparty Returns Calculators capture the Asset Manager’s value to its counterparties by broker wallet, RoA. RoLBS, RoRWA


Dividend Calendars

Our dividend calendars allow the tracking and optimisation of dividend and corporate action flows.

Let's Work Together

Partnering with you to deliver immediate cost savings whilst managing Liquidity Risks, Counterparty and Regulatory returns.