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Siman Systems Cloud Engine

The Siman Systems modular cloud technology enable real time views
with a single golden source

What If Knowledge

With over 100 years experience of structured finance and capital resource management, we apply algorithmic ‘what if’ calculators to examine outliers to agree priorities, suggest optimisations, netting opportunities and pricing alternatives to increase resilience and returns for your business.

Treasury Management System


The Siman Treasury Management System tracks liquidity risks and their interrelationship with other risks real time.
Siman’s TMS monitors and models

Investor capital
Counterparts market
Prime Brokerage returns risks and costs

Our modules provide a click through view from trade-by-trade to helicopter overview of the organisations financial health.

Siman Systems provides real time financial calculators and risk management tools to allow organisations to stop driving through the rear view mirror of siloed, lagged and uni purpose information reports.

Risk Management and P&L Analytics

Integrating a Risk Management framework into an Institution’s Business Strategy successfully depends on understanding the Business.

Siman Systems experience across the roles of Treasurer, CFO, CRO and CTO enables us to identify multi dimensional existing and potential risks as they arise in a businesses ecosystem.

Organisational and data silos disperse both information and responsibilities for effective risk management   We build a ‘single data’ integrative platform to aid risk identification, measurement, reporting and governance.

Our platform has been designed to help our clients identify and, if necessary, mitigate significant risks to the achievement of their business objectives.

Regulatory and Tax Calculators

Siman Systems experience started by building ‘real time’ data driven Asset Liability Management analytics for leading Financial Institutions.

Our platform enables CFOs and Treasurers to interrogate liability data to produce ‘real time’ issuance and Client Deposit analytics, Liquidity Buffer calculation and consumption, as well as LCR, NSFR and bank levy calculators. This enables daily calculation of the position and costs.

On the asset side we provide cross entity ISIN tracking and balance sheet netting tools, corporate action calendars and RWA calculators.

Our platform then visually tracks liability and asset tenors and usage.  This provides an auditable record of Treasury Management and successes.

Client Return Tool and 'What Ifs'

Extracting a single source of data allows us to provide Client Return Analytics, showing which customers are consuming an organisation’s attributes measured against the relevant risks and returns to our clients.

In addition we measure the value of an organisation to its providers in terms of fees, commissions, financing, balance sheet and capital consumption etc.  This improves teamwork and lowers costs.

To all our calculators, we are able to add unique ‘what if’ scenario modelling and stress testing optionality.  This can be via our proprietary algorithms, flags, or discussion with our principals based upon their experiences across treasury, trading and financing.

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