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What Siman Systems Can Do For You

Siman Systems harvests information, trade by trade, and extrapolates a ‘Single Golden Source’ of data that can be viewed real time with multiple business lenses.

We produce a modular set of Management Systems linked to set out the liquidity and financial health of the institution, set in the context of its risks operating within internal and external constraints.

As recent events have shown, liquidity risk cannot be isolated from credit or market risk.  Siman Systems produces maps of the internal and external constraints and calculates financial ratios, concentrations and stresses.  Our innovative system will flag risk as it accumulates and enable extensive ‘what if’ modelling.

The Data Cloud

Siman Systems believe data is the foundation of any organisation that puts the client at the heart of their business.  Partnering with the award winning Snowflake platform, Siman Systems architecture captures data from across your organisation into a single secure data cloud.  Cloud data analytics increases your organisations resilience and scalability whilst reducing costs. Unifying disparate siloed data to create near real time forensic level management information gives you the key to drive your business to new frontiers.

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